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December 14, 2015

airt implements multichannel brand re-launch for Imorgon ultrasound technology

Specialty Radiology Company Revitalizes Brand Identity, Messaging; Renames Ultrasound Technology; Rolls Out Comprehensive 2014 Marketing Campaign

Redwood City, Calif. — Airt Group advertising and design agency has teamed with Imorgon Medical of Redwood City, CA to revitalize the company's brand positioning, identity and messaging by implementing a long-term multichannel marketing campaign.

Since its inception in 2006, Imorgon has focused primarily on technology development and product line expansion. In this new stage of its development, the company is seeking to raise awareness as to the benefits of its technology to radiologists, sonographers, hospital radiology departments and medical imaging centers throughout the U.S.

airt's involvement in the Imorgon re-launch included mapping out a long-term brand development strategy and creating core creative concepts to support the effort. Campaign components included creation of new product illustrations and photography; company identity package extensions; booth graphics designs; multimedia presentations; sales support literature; an integrated online and print direct marketing program; and a new website imorgon.netthat features:

  • Improved user experience along with high-quality graphics, photos and slideshows that depict key features and benefits of the Imorgon Ultrasound Enhancement System™.
  • Useful data and information for radiologists and sonographers regarding ways to improve the diagnostic precision and reliability of ultrasound exams.
  • Informative conceptual models and illustrations that show mechanisms for improving radiology department effectiveness through excellence in ultrasound.

airt continues working with Imorgon to refine and extend its online and traditional media presence within the radiology community and healthcare industry as a whole. The overriding objective is to increase Imorgon's brand equity, which is being monitored using a novel array of marketing metrics. Samples of the new Imorgon campaign appear in airt's online portfolio pages.

About Imorgon

Imorgon Medical, headquartered in Redwood City, Calif., was founded by ultrasound industry veterans who were key members of the technology team that invented ultrasound PACS in the 1990s. Building on decades of ultrasound expertise, Imorgon is dedicated to producing a scalable software solution that offers highly intuitive functionality and enhances the PACS viewing environment, ensuring ease-of-use and the ability to leverage existing IT and infrastructure investments. By using computer technology in a unique way, the company developed an innovative solution that enables the full potential of diagnostic ultrasound by improving workflow efficiency and diagnostic accuracy. For additional information, visit:

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